How This Works

First, let me quickly explain how this resort works. Lifestyle Holidays is a members only vacation club in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. I visited the resort with a group of friends when we rented through a member in 2008. I quickly decided that I wanted to be part of this wonderful place and decided to purchase my own membership. With this membership not only can I visit the resort whenever I wish, but I can send vacationers to the resort as "guests" to enjoy most of the amenities that I do. I knew I would be able to provide my guests with a high quality vacation at an affordable price while still helping to pay membership fee. It was a very good decision.

My Booking Process - It's Very Easy!

  1. First, look through my website and decide what the best accommodation would be for your group.
  2. Next you'll need to contact me to find out if your chosen accommodation and dates are available. (Sorry, we can not rent our accommodations from Dec 19th to Jan 2nd.) I will do my best to respond to you within 24 hours.
  3. After I receive your inquiry, I will contact my rep at the resort to check on availability. The resort usually gets back to me within a few days.
  4. If your accommodations are available and you are ready to book, you will need to pay the room fee in full to me. I prefer payment via paypal.
  5. Once your payment clears, I will then secure the room for you through the resort.
  6. Within 5-7 days after I reserve your accommodation, the resort will send me a confirmation email which I will then forward to you.
  7. As soon as you receive your confirmation email, you can then book your flights.
  8. You then send me your arrival flight details and I will arrange for your pick-up at the airport.

*Please note that I do not reccommend you book your flights until you have a confirmation email from me.